Kitchen torch for cooking creme brulee and other desserts.

Learn about the Chef-d’oeuvre culinary torch:

Home chefs, bloggers and foodies are searching for ways to add a little flare to their recipes.

Would you like to deliver beautiful, mouthwatering courses with an added touch? Have your family or guests complimenting your performance in the kitchen?

The classy Chef-d’oeuvre culinary torch brings style to the modern kitchen. This kitchen torch boasts a powerful flame to make quick work of caramelizing, searing or roasting just about any food item.

A good butane torch is not only a Creme Brulee torch. Kitchen enthusiasts use them on meringues, sponge cake and marshmallows. Or to sear steak, chicken or fish, glaze a ham, roast nuts or veggies, quickly melt cheese, chocolate or butter. Culinary torch ideas and recipes are endless.

The Chef-d’oeuvre cooking torch is built with quality and safety in mind. The safety lock automatically engages after each use for maximum child safety. The continuous flame lock is ideal for large recipes. This model offers a flame adjustment lever for multiple power settings. The large refillable tank is wrapped with a grid handle for a non-slip grip with a sturdy removable stand.

Whether you cook for your self or a family of ten Chef-d’oeuvre promises to be an efficient and effective tool in your arsenal of kitchen gadgets. With the myriad of torch recipes and ideas available the excitement in kitchen grows with your ambitions.

What are you waiting for? Master the next skill in becoming a professional in your kitchen. Create a masterpiece with your new Chef-d’oeuvre culinary torch.

G1 Glass Pool Table

Transparent Pool Table
Transparent Pool Table

Featured here is the G1 glass pool table. The fully transparent surface of the G1 is constructed from a toughened glass and protected with a special resin leaving it with the feel of a typical pool table. Users claim they don’t notice a difference in the “feel” of the table or an effect on their game. I can imagine it would effect my game at least until I became used to seeing through the table. An additional effect is being able to watch the sunk balls as they travel down a rack that hangs from the support beams of the table to the holding tray. The price of this rich mans toy runs about $25,000. Enjoy.