WiTricity —- Wireless Electricity!


Can you believe it? We have reached the era of electricity passed through air. This wireless age of data-flow through air has been quite a ride, spawning many inventions. Technology took a big step by creating the cordless phone. Then, it took a leap and completely cut the cord to the telephone with the arrival of the cell phone. Are we ready to cut the cord to electricity? Electricity in thin air is attempting to make a mainstream appearance. I won’t say that the concerns of safety have been completely overcome yet, but the concept is already very well advanced.

Some of the companies trying to develop this concept such as WiTricity Inc, don’t even have their websites built yet. WiTricity named themselves only six months ago. On the other hand, there’s Alticor, whose site is developed and seeking partners to launch with. That’s right Alticor, the parent company of Access Business Group, AGP Hotels, Amway, Quixtar, eSpring, a couple of cosmetics companies, Artisty and the recently acquired Gurwitch Products, plus many more multi-billion dollar companies. In fact, this technology for the wi-tricity movement was used in the invention of the eSpring water purifier. This product triggered Alticor pursuing wi-tricity. There is also the company Splashpower and they are pretty committed to development as well.

Early in development stages, this product is seeing a lot of attention from companies. Not only are they chasing the products to have placed in your home as a wireless electricity source, but also electric tables or mats, if you will, for private and public locations. Imagine being able to sit in an airport terminal on your laptop without the need to plug in your power cord. Or have your cell phone, Bluetooth or other wireless device charge automatically when you are in range of witricity.

Folks we are dawning a new age in electronics history. It’s the age that solves the problems of the corded mess on your desk, counter etc. This is unfortunate for some companies, though. You have the makers of the extension cords and surge protectors that will see a drop in sales when there isn’t a demand for a dozen plugs in every corner of the house. But, that raises another concern, “what happens when there is a surge on a building that produces wi-tricity?” That maybe open for discussion, but I’m sure that’s been resolved. Click on the “Alticor, whose site” link above to view a brief video demo.

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