What is the next Apple product?


Today is the MacWorld 2009 expo. Rumor has it that Apple is bringing their product of 2009. What is it? We don’t know for sure, but word is that it will be a larger IPhone or IPod Touch. Or will it be a small Mac tablet. We are pretty confident that it will also resemble an HD tv.

Here is the scoop. It is projected to be a larger IPhone with the capabilities of a tablet. With Apple running experiments on tablets for over a year now, it would make sense to give the IPhone lovers a larger touch screen for comfort. The expected 7 to 9 inch high definition display will provide a much more pleasurable experience in watching video and performing full-functioning web capabilities. Lets face it, even if you have an IPhone you probably still lug around your laptop if you have anything important to do online. This new bigger IPhone will make it that much easier to stop in at the coffee shop and still be productive. A benefit to Apple is this makes them a much better competitor to the super portable laptop producers.

And of course it will still have the luxuries of the IPod, maybe with better speakers for higher quality sound. That will also be an added benefit for the video watching.

Apple is expected to use the MacWorld event to proclaim it’s improvements to its key devices. We will see. At 12pm Eastern today, Jan 6th, Engadget.com will be broadcasting liveblogging and possible video. To access that at noon head over to Live from the MacWorld 2009.

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  1. The rumor was false. Apple brought improvements to the ilife and iwork software. the only hardware they mentioned is their new 17 inch laptop. I will be extremely light and will have a battery life up to 8 hrs per charge with over 1000 charges. That’s about it.

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