Unborn Babies Use Twitter!

Fetus twitter usage
Fetus twitter usage

Sound crazy? Read this picture. If you are pregnant you can start a twitter account for your baby and he/she can start creating followers and making friends before there are even born. Can you guess where my mind is going with this?  No, no, no!  Connect that twitter account to an online business of some sort and have that fetus generating traffic to their own money making website so they can pay for their own birth. I know what you’re thinking, it sounds unrealistic. It may be a stretch but we both know if you can actually pull this off, the media publicity of your child being the first to pay for its own birth, would also probably generate enough income to pay for their college as well. I’m actually a little disappointed my wonderful wife in not expecting. I would definitely give that a try.


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  1. Yes, Lisa, I know… And most people would say we don’t need anymore of me running around. I meant if My wife were prego I would try to see if I could have that little critter pay for itself. Just a challenge. I should probably word that better.

  2. What’s a girl to do? Pregnant and babies twittering? I love it, but I don’t think so! I’m 55 and no longer can go there. And since my spouse’s name is Robynne … well, guess we are kind of out of the loop for babies twittering, unless we adopt or find a donor! :)It’s all good…we can follow the unborn nieces and nephews.

  3. I really like your blog ad the techo’s you have chosen to write about. Well done.
    I am always a little wary of how radio or other types of waves can affect a fetus though. I put diodes on our cell phones, computers, tv’s etc to stop these things from affecting me so wrapping a fetus with something may be fun and awesome but not if the baby is affected.
    There has been sientific studies proving the babies do not like the ultra sound sounds and become distressed while it is on. We can’t hear it but they apparantly they can. Bit like a dog whistle

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