Is Microsoft Trying to Catch up With Apple?


My opinion, and most others will agree, is that Apple has exploded its technology beyond Microsoft in the last decade. Microsoft has created something that looks like it will have a wow factor. Its called the Microsoft Surface. It is a multi touch surface computer. Multi-touch in the same way the IPhone is and so much more. These computers are starting out for commercial use as table tops at restaurants, hotels etc. Not only do they recognize the touch of multiple fingers and hands simultaneously, but it will also recognize phones, credit cards, and other objects. You can imagine it will be quite some time before these are sold as household PC’s but the technology is out of this world. Go ahead and check it out. Click here to head directly to Microsoft’s videos demoing the Surface.  If you like what you see at that link, the Microsoft Surface Blog also has a lot of info.

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  1. I remember this from my days working at CompUSA. Back then (6+ years ago) it was still a concept, though there was a working prototype and talk about testing it in a restaurant. The ability of tactile interaction with objects such as credit cards was especially intriguing. Build one of these into tables at restaurants/bars, just a bare-bones system with menu, payment processing, and perhaps news/games/adverts and customers could order food/drinks at any time from their table without waiting for the waitress, and close their tab at anytime without the unnecessary delay of the waitress shuttling between the customer’s table and the computer, with stops at other clients’ tables in between. This technology would make dining experiences more efficient. In fact, I might even be more inclined to tip the waitress better as I will not be negatively influenced by wishing that she would be quicker in coming around to ask me if I want another drink, or in taking 15 minutes to bring me my check after I ask to close my tab.

  2. Wow, 6 years ago? Most technology moves faster than that. I can understand the concept being out then, but if they had a working product, you would think it would have been further along by now. Plus their site doesn’t seem to be fully finished. Their “product” link has no content.
    I agree, the credit card and phone thing is really intriguing.

  3. If you go to the Microsoft Surface Blog link you can see a brief demo of the Surface conjoined with the Nintendo Wii balance board. Plus some other pretty cool demo videos.

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