“MashedUp” your Social Networking Yet?

the jungle of social networking
the jungle of social networking

The world of social networking is on the verge of a change as we know it. 2007 was the year of Facebook and 2008 was the year that Twitter was all the rage. And don’t forget MySpace was in there as well. But most microbloggers have a FriendFeed, Xanga, and Flickr as well. If you only have accounts with a few of the major sites, you have your hands full keeping up with them on a regular basis. So what is this leading to? Well, it leads to neglect if you don’t have the time to dedicate to all of them. The ambitious members are seeking to find a solution to make things more efficient. As a result 2009 will be the year of “mashingUp” social networking sites.

This concept has already birthed Facebook Connect, OpenSocial and many more platforms striving to resolve this problem. Facebook Connect allows you to connect with 3rd parties based off the Facebook platform. But is this enough? The simple answer is no.

Think about it this way, if you don’t use an email client to access all your different email accounts in one place you are the minority. Even if you just have one email account it is still easier and beneficial to use an email client so you don’t have to go login manually. So what does this mean for social networking? You guessed it. The first wave of microblogging clients is out. For starters, Mozilla has a free add-on Yoono-socialize your browser. For now, it allows you do remote updates to your status on 7 different platforms, view others updates and reply. It provides convenient finding and sharing of products, sites, videos, pics, and more. Yoono will also “mashup” your different chat platforms.

Many microbloggers are growing weary of having to recreate their profile for every site they join. In 2009 look to see the leaders emerge and perfect these social clients. Over this year expect the ability to host your profile on a client and have all that info automatically load when you open a new social networking account. If you discover some desirable social clients please comment your reviews @ the Novelty Hub under this post. My Yoono user name is UriahGunn. Add me if you download it.

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