Mind controlled robot

This spring Honda Research Institute revealed their efforts in new technology that allows the human mind to control the actions of a humanoid robot. Asimo the humanoid robot can perform simple actions controlled by the monitoring of electricity and blood flow in a persons skull.

A brilliant reflection of the latest technology


A brilliant reflection of the latest modern technology and style, Valli Arredobagno unites fashion and innovation into a single shocking design called the Hi Mirror. The Italian company combines six seamless mirrors and a TV. Although this is not a new concept, combining mirror image reflection and multimedia capabilities, the Hi Mirror brings this concept from small gadgets to a full size product. This mirror has location versatility, providing a great fit for the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living area. This is a must have for any consumer with deep pockets looking to keep informed or entertained while preparing for or unwinding from their day.

Grippity back typing keyboard nearly on the shelf



Here we have a prototype and the finished product of the Grippity back typing keyboard. The makers have put a giant effort into producing a cool look for this gadget. It features a full QWERTY keyboard in addition to gaming controls and mouse capabilities. This wireless keyboard and mouse control center was designed with the goal of eliminating the need for a desk or lap to hold your keypad while performing its duties. What’s your opinion? Is this an insane concept? At least it’s practical unlike the crazy iGrip product. This weird product holds more secrets. When flipped over, sensors activate the QWERTY into 60 hot keys. You can expect to see Grippity roll out their back-typing keyboard before summer at a retail cost around $100.

KO Digital’s RM2300 reveals its disappearing screen!


It has been referred to as the “no screen” mp4 player as well as the “disappearing screen” PMP. It was an attention grabbing performance when the LG Shine phone revealed its mirror image screen. Unfortunately, the Shine left its visible keypad. KO Digital’s RM2300 takes it the next step, leaving it to look like nothing more than a chunk of polished titanium when it is off. Switch it on, however, and the screen illuminates behind its surface. Underneath the RM2300’s sleek appearance it holds standard capabilities, playing videos, music and supporting TV connectivity. Capacity, availability and price not yet mentioned, but you can expect them to be on backorder for a while when it is released.


iGrip Ergonomic Keyboard/gaming control

Igrip handheld

This is an interesting looking concept keyboard. With this hand held device you have fully functioning wireless keyboard capabilities including a trackball mouse. It’s a lot more convenient to whip out while walking, riding in a car or riding the subway. The iGrip keyboard allows for convenient computing from any position whether sitting, standing or lying. It will not, however, aid in posture discipline. Although the keyboard layout is different from the QWERTY keyboard layout, its main purpose is to function as a more ergonomic keyboard. It performs as a universal product working with a phone, video games and computer. Although, it seems the iGrip by Alpha Grip, could serve as a convenient product, a user would have to relinquish any self-respect they had to pull this out in public.