Welcome to the NoveltyHub.com! This site is to publish information, reviews and comments about novel technology, electronics and other products or concepts. I really enjoy finding and learning about unique inventions or concepts. I hope to extend some of these findings to the rest of the world because knowledge is power. Good ideas and products deserve publicity.

You can’t imagine how many ideas and products never made it off the ground because of lack of resources, or lack of knowledge about how to get it off the floor. I know a have an extended relative who makes his living helping companies with brilliant products find funding before they go under due to lack of exposure and capital. I have personally connected inventors with manufactures, marketers, retailers, investors etc. So my goal here is get eyeballs looking at novelty products and concepts. Many of you will know someone that maybe interested in something on this site. That referral may lead to job or solution for either party.
With the help of people stumbling across NoveltyHub.com referring more people to this site we have the opportunity to get a few more great solutions to have an impact in overcoming the business and consumer challenges of this world.
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