Waking up Has Never Been Easier!

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First, let me say that I have owned one of these for a couple years. To be more precise, I bought the SleepTracker Pro when it was in pre order. They say it is to be worn like an everyday watch. This is my only criticism on the SleepTracker. It is bulky and its colors are not attractive as an everyday watch for most people. On the other hand, for most people the practical function of the SleepTracker provides great benefits. This watch is designed as an alarm clock to help you wake up at the most optimal time.

We humans have multiple different levels of sleep. We cycle through all the levels about every 1.5 to 2 hours, so the average individual completes 4 to 5 sleep cycles per night. It is much more of a challenge to wake up out of a deep sleep than a light sleep. It also makes your sleep more restful when you wake up during the REM stage ( rapid eye movement stage ) rather than deep sleep, even if it is half an hour or even an hour earlier.

The SleepTracker watch tracks your sleep patterns by your pulse and allows the alarm to sound (or vibrate with the Pro version) while you are in your almost awake stage of sleep. You have the option of setting a window (anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes) of when you need to be awake. It will choose the most optimal time or wake you up at your selected alarm time.

In my personal experience, when setting a 30 to 40 minute window, it almost always wakes me up during the window. Frequently, I am in a light enough sleep to think “the alarm should be going off any second now”, and it does. Its great for people trying to get on a consistent schedule. Its also great for travelers, busy moms others not wanting to wake up groggy. For more detailed info and features of the different products click on over to the makers site.